Cute Spring Nails

Hey Ladies! If you wanted to see how i made this complete manicure you can watch my video HERE!


The Nail Charms I used in this design are from Born Pretty Store.


These cute bow charms (#1) are another cute and trendy way to glam up your manicure!

My honest opinion: I love these! the Rhinestones are multi-colored and the gold is so cute. These are the perfect size for my smaller nails. 

The Facts: You get 5 charms for $1.99! Also, these have a curved bottom making it easy to fit on your nails. Also, if you want to buy these or anything else from Born Pretty Store use the code PZL91 to get 10% off your purchase! 

Have you ever gotten anything from Born Pretty Store? If so what did you get and what did you think about it?

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5 responses to “Cute Spring Nails

  1. love the bow charm and the art

  2. belleicious

    This is gorgeous :D Xx

  3. Kay

    I love these sweet looking nails!!

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